Loutzenhiser-Jordan Preplanning Form

The form below can be used to preplan your funeral services, whether it be for yourself, or for a loved one. After submitting the form, you will have an opportunity to print your selections. Your selections will also be sent to the Loutzenhiser-Jordan staff so that they may be in contact with you about your preplanning needs.. Please be as specific as possible when completing the form. While all of the information is not mandatory, the more you can complete, the better we can help you with your planning process. Thank you for choosing Loutzenhiser-Jordan Colonial Funeral Home to assist you in your preplanning needs.


Personal Information
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
Address Ln 1
Address Ln 2
Phone Number
Alternate Phone

Parents Information / Father

Parents Information / Mother

Spouse Information (if applicable)

Please tell us about where you were raised and any schools you attended, including highest education that was achieved...


Please tell us below about adult life, including information about your career, jobs, and interests or hobbies. Please remember to include information such as retirement dates, names of employers, and clubs or lodge memberships.


Church and Religious Affiliation

Please list any church memberships or specific religious affiliations. Include information about groups and activities within the church as well.


Children and Family Information

Please list below any children, their current City and State of residence(if living), and their spouse's name, if applicable. You can enter each child on a seperate line.

Example: Joe Smith and wife Debbie of Dallas, TX


Please list below any siblings, their current city and state of residence (if living), and their spouse's name, if applicable.

Example: Bill Jones and wife Sue of Orlando, FL


Please list below all grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. You may list names, or just a count of how many are surviving the deceased.


Please list below all of those in your family, or close to you that have preceded you in death.

Preceded in Death By

Military Service

If you served in the military, please explain below.


Other information

Please list below any other information you feel to be important to you. This could include organizations you belong to, special events in your life, or any other information you would like to share with the funeral home staff.

Other Information

Specific Funeral Instructions

Please list below information regarding your funeral, such as location, ministers/pastors, music selections, flowers, or organists/singers, if known.

Funeral Services

Please list below any pallbearers that have been preselected for the funeral services. Please list their names and relation if possible.

Please list below any favorite Bible verses or hymns that you would like included in your services.


Please explain below if you would like arrangements for a special service such as a military or lodge service.

Special Services

Cemetery Information

List below specific cemetery information, if known, such as the cemetery's name, location city, who's name the lots are in, section and lot numbers, and grave space information.


Casket and Burial Preferences

Please describe your casket preferences, such as metal or wood, and the exterior/interior colors. You can also list Burial Vault preferences here as well.


Authorized Individuals

Please list below any people that are authorized to make final decisions for you/the deceased. Please include their names, full address, phone number and email if applicable.

Authorized Individuals

Special Wishes / Notes

Please use this space to further explain any special wishes, or to include any information not covered above that you feel is important to you in your preplanning process. This could include cremation wishes, monument/memorial selections, or whether you wish to have visitation/calling hours for your funeral.

Special Wishes/Notes